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免費工具App|DroidPad 2.0 Beta|阿達玩APP

This is a Beta version of DroidPad 2.0, and can be installed at the same time as the old version. This beta version will be removed when DroidPad 2.0 is released.

Note that the Beta version of the PC software will also be required to use all the new features - firstly uninstall the old PC software, then go to digitalsquid.co.uk and click on "DroidPad 2.0 Beta".

DroidPad lets you use your phone as a PC joystick, mouse or slideshow presenter.

Once set up, simply connect your phone via Wifi / USB, press Start, and play any PC game, control your mouse or play a slideshow.

Available for Windows (currently only 32-bit) and Ubuntu Linux.

免費工具App|DroidPad 2.0 Beta|阿達玩APP

免費工具App|DroidPad 2.0 Beta|阿達玩APP

免費工具App|DroidPad 2.0 Beta|阿達玩APP

DroidPad 2.0 Beta APP玩不用錢

DroidPad 2.0 Beta玩免錢App

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