Tired of paying more than your fair share at a restaurant? Here's the answer.

This program lets you define each item on a bill and indicate that it should be divided among selected guests.

Then it calculates how much each guest owes, including tax and tip, or, if you enter the tax or tip amount, it will tell you the corresponding rate.


The program handles orientation switching, takes advantage of a hardware keyboard if there is one (though it works fine without), and honors your choice of color scheme and region (it handles currencies correctly but has text in English).

DivisiBill is intended to handle complex bills where you want each person to pay their share. If all you want to do is split the bill evenly and maybe calculate a tip or tax, there are lots of free programs available to do that.

This is the Windows Phone 7.5 and later version of a program called "Bill Splitter" on Windows Phone 7.0 (there were other programs with the same name, so it was renamed).


Version 1.13 enhances maps

Select a venue or bill from a map

Version 1.12 preserves updated cloud files

Update merges changes to people or venues

Saves old files


Shows counts of bills

Certain archive failures ignored

Version 1.11 adds automatic cloud archiving

Warning deleting a total


Version 1.10 integrates location into the program

Location can select a bill

Manage saved bills

Version 1.9 mainly implements cloud backup and restore of information.

Back key closes "my items"


"My items" from totals screen

Who "plus" uses existing

Version 1.8 reorganized the pages so the "who" page is separate from the items/totals pivot.

The who page shows more

Easy to replace a person


Fix a bug where tip on tax was not shared correctly.


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