Distance Calculator|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Distance Calculator|阿達玩APP


- calculates distance and speed while you are walking, biking and driving

免費旅遊App|Distance Calculator|阿達玩APP

- displays current speed along with total distance, total time and average speed

- obtain "summary" of your distance calculating session

免費旅遊App|Distance Calculator|阿達玩APP

- "capture" feature enables you to take a screenshot of your recent trip. this screenshot can be shared with your friends using social networks like twitter/facebook (file manager like Astro File Manager is required)

- "Pause/Resume" functionality to allow you to save battery if you happened to stop for some time while walking, biking or driving

免費旅遊App|Distance Calculator|阿達玩APP

- graphically displays variation in speed on map. acceleration (red dot), deceleration (green dot) and constant speed (blue dot) is displayed

- app is able to handle long (very long) drives. use this app to track your long drives

免費旅遊App|Distance Calculator|阿達玩APP

- runs in background and hence is not interrupted by other activities

- gives you an option to select action to optimize battery performance

Warning: Be careful while using this app. Numbers shown by this app are as accurate as GPS in your phone. Do not get distracted by this app while walking, biking or driving.

免費旅遊App|Distance Calculator|阿達玩APP

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