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免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

“By Installers, For Installers“

Directechs is the industry’s #1 technical website, driven by the Directed’s award winning Technical Service team across the globe! We’ve come a long way from TechSoft diskettes to our new state-of-the-art Directechs Mobile app, but our purpose has remained the same. It’s our goal to bring installation technicians the most comprehensive and user friendly resource available to help you work with Directed’s products with help from your smartphone or tablet with features such as:

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP


•Flash and configure XpressKit modules*

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

•Key2GO access*

•Installation Guides

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

•Tech Tips

•CAN Logger*

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

•D2D Logger*


免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

•Technical News Alerts

•Online Education

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

•Directed SmartStart Activation

•Interactive Live Chat with Technical Service

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

At Directechs, our motto has always been “By Installers, For Installers”. With several years of installation experience and the pursuit of certification in MECP and ASE, we’re committed to support installation technicians by providing our unrivaled passion and dedication to this industry in technical expertise.


免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

*Some features require XKLoader3 BLUETOOTH® programming tool.

Only Directed Dealers and Distributors have access to Directechs-specific resources, which include: DirectWire vehicle wiring and information database, installation guides, online training, tech tips, and much more. To become a Directed Dealer, visit

免費生活App|Directechs Mobile|阿達玩APP

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