Diabetes Diary Plus|免費玩健康App


免費健康App|Diabetes Diary Plus|阿達玩APP

•keep a daily log of your blood glucose Levels, iinsulin, carbs intake, weight and A1C (eAG) .

•write down all your results in your smartphone, as they come from your meter.

•take steps to monitor your condition, prevent serious complications, and feel better while living with diabetes.

免費健康App|Diabetes Diary Plus|阿達玩APP

•forward the results to your doctor or nurse by email, text or just make a call directly from the application

•have your records ready for the next visit.

•The application assists you to work with your doctor or diabetes coach to learn what your results mean for you.

免費健康App|Diabetes Diary Plus|阿達玩APP

•Take a closer look at your blood glucose records and help prevent too high or too low levels for several days in a row.

免費健康App|Diabetes Diary Plus|阿達玩APP

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