★★★ The Professional Dental Treatment Introduction Tool ★★★

A picture is worth a thousand words. With HD pictures & text, Dental Aid helps dentists to explain the treatment procedures to their patients easily. It also helps patients to understand what kind of treatment they will receive, not only by listening, but also by seeing.

Dental Aid supports Windows Phone / iPhone / iPod touch and iPad. From the dental clinic to the outside, the easy and free communication may be started anywhere.

The content is divided into 9 categories: Examination, Analgesia, Preventive dentistry, Periodontics, Operative dentistry, Prosthodontics, Oral surgery, Orthodontics and Dental implantology. The following treatments are all included:

- Dental examination

- Dental radiography

- Dental panoramic radiography

- Electric pulp test

- Local anesthesia

- Pit and fissure sealant

- Topical fluoride therapy

- Periodontal scaling

- Air polishing (NEW)

- Gingivectomy (NEW)

- Crown lengthening surgery (NEW)

- Periodontal flap surgery (NEW)

- Periodontal regenerative surgery (NEW)

- Local antibiotic therapy

- Tooth restoration

- Endodontic treatment

- Inlay / Onlay


- Veneer

- Tooth bleaching (internal bleaching)

- Tooth bleaching (in-office bleaching)

- Tooth bleaching (at-home bleaching)

- Dental impression

- Dental crown

- Post retained crown

- Dental bridge

- Removable partial denture

- Complete dentures

- Tooth extraction (simple type)

- Tooth extraction (surgical type)

- Wisdom tooth extraction

- Apicoectomy

- Orthodontic bracket

- Orthodontic band

- Orthodontic archwire

- Cosmetic braces

- Orthodontic retainer

- Dental implant (2-stage procedure)

- Dental implant (1-stage procedure)

- Implant supported bridge

- Implant supported overdenture


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