DJ Wobble Bass Pro|免費玩娛樂App


免費娛樂App|DJ Wobble Bass Pro|阿達玩APP

Consider yourself as a music lover who always wanted to create your own music in a DJ studio with nice DJ mixing software, but you still don’t know what to start with? It’s not a problem now! DJ Wobble Bass Pro is the original way of music creation using DJ soundboard DJ set!

免費娛樂App|DJ Wobble Bass Pro|阿達玩APP

免費娛樂App|DJ Wobble Bass Pro|阿達玩APP

Create your own music just by moving your finger over the screen. So, if you move your finger from left to right the pitch of the sound changes. As well as distortion slightly changes as you move your finger up and down. In this DJ mix maker app you can also change the types of base: It features three wobble bass synths and one sub bass synthesizer.

免費娛樂App|DJ Wobble Bass Pro|阿達玩APP

Pitch saving capability means you can play different notes from different synths at the same time! Choose your beats, select your synth sounds, drop in some fx and youll be the master of wobbling in no time! DJ Wobble Bass Pro is a must have music creation app for beginners and pro DJ mix makers.

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