D-MICE @ Chiang Mai|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|D-MICE @ Chiang Mai|阿達玩APP

D-MICE @ Chiang Mai Thailand is an application that will make your meetings much easier. You can access information on venues, accommodation, facilities, food & drink and other non-conventional venues, both in the city and out-of-town. Six types of thematic products and services for your meetings are in store in Chiang Mai, which include Adventure, History & Cultural, Green, Experiential, CSR, and Exclusive. A wide choice allows you to select a place and services that meet your requirements. To make your event a perfect one, appropriate time to organize events and who&where to contact for information are also displayed for your decision. For your best value of money, you can find special promotion and privileges are on offer for those using D-MICE@Chiang Mai. Besides, you can find the venue matching your specific needs in the application by putting the number of delegates or finding more choices from other adjacent sources. Please do select the venue you like as your favorite or share it with others via facebook or email.

免費旅遊App|D-MICE @ Chiang Mai|阿達玩APP

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D-MICE @ Chiang Mai玩免錢App

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