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免費工具App|Conversion Pro|阿達玩APP

It is a simple and easy to use unit convertor which features fast unit conversion in a clean interface. It also has a Unit Comparison Table which shows converted unit along with all other units with their corresponding values. This makes the conversion process much simplified.

- Free version.

- App build for Froyo (and all above versions.

- No Ads Ever!

- Inbuilt calculator.

- Real-time conversion and calculation.

- Unit Comparison Table.

免費工具App|Conversion Pro|阿達玩APP

- Direct Arithmetic Calculation

Conversion units include the following.

- Length / Distance

- Weight / Mass

- Area

- Volume

- Speed

免費工具App|Conversion Pro|阿達玩APP

- Temperature

- Time

- Acceleration

- Density

- Stress and Pressure

- Energy and Work

免費工具App|Conversion Pro|阿達玩APP

- Power

- Force

- Torque

- Angular velocity

- Flow rate by volume

- Flow rate by mass

免費工具App|Conversion Pro|阿達玩APP

- Computer Storage

- Data transfer rate

免費工具App|Conversion Pro|阿達玩APP

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