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免費休閒App|Construction New City|阿達玩APP

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The latest Construction New City is now features the biggest construction trucks and machines! one of the best game on Google Play!! Get your skills ready to maneuver these tractor, forklift, cement mixer, excavator and more for you to build your new city. Visually most awesome pictures of Construction New City game on Android! DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Come and explore the Construction New City in Android!!

There are 3 Games!

Game 1: Memory Game. Unfold the block to match similar picture! Work together with your friends to complete the build!

Game 2: Puzzle Game. Swift each block to the correct place! Unlock the best picture of construction by solving the puzzle!

Game 3: Block Game. Change the block to fit each other! Take the build to the next level! -Now available 100 over levels!

Other features:

You can pause the game and resume later.

We have put the best collection of Construction New City together!

Construction New City, the best game in Android! New addictive and full of excitement game app!

Get the game, join the fun - IT'S FREE!

免費休閒App|Construction New City|阿達玩APP

免費休閒App|Construction New City|阿達玩APP

免費休閒App|Construction New City|阿達玩APP

免費休閒App|Construction New City|阿達玩APP

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Construction New City玩免錢App

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