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免費社交App|Connecting Euro|阿達玩APP

Write a part of European history with your money! Connecting Euro lets you find out where your Euro has been and what it has already experienced. And you can also be part of it: Add your own story to the Euro and discover people and their stories from all over Europe.

Connecting Euro is really simple to use: Just enter the serial number on your Euro banknote and go! You can see its country of origin and what someone else may have digitally written on your banknote. Now it’s your turn: Add your location, message and photo and send your Euro on its journey which you can follow as well.

Finally there is a way to closely experience what Europe is all about – thanks to Connecting Euro. With the app and the growing network behind it you can use Europe’s single currency as it was meant to be: a link to connect people to one vivid European community.

Go ahead and write your part of European history – with Connecting Euro!

Official supporters of this project: Cortal Consors, Austrian Ministry of Finance (BMF), European Youth Parliament (EYP)

免費社交App|Connecting Euro|阿達玩APP

免費社交App|Connecting Euro|阿達玩APP

免費社交App|Connecting Euro|阿達玩APP

免費社交App|Connecting Euro|阿達玩APP

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