Complete Angry Birds Guide|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|Complete Angry Birds Guide|阿達玩APP

Get 3 stars on every level in every Angry Birds game! Includes over 2000 levels with 3 star scores!

Notice: This app does not include the actual playable game's. This app includes tutorials and guides on how to get high scores on each level.

Included games and worlds:

*Angry Birds*

•Poached Eggs

•Mighty Hoax

•Danger Above

•The Big Setup

•Ham 'Em High

•Mine and Dine

•Birdday Party

•Bad Piggies

•Surf and Turf

•Red's Mighty Feathers

•Short Fuse

•Golden Eggs


•Trick or Treat

•Season's Greedings

•Hogs and Kisses

•Go Green, Get Lucky

•Easter Eggs

•Summer Pignic

•Mooncake Festival


•Wreck the Halls

•Year of the Dragon

•Cherry Blossom


•Back to School

•Haunted Hogs

•Winter Wonderham



•Smuggler's Den

•Jungle Escape

•Beach Volley

•Carnival Upheaval

免費書籍App|Complete Angry Birds Guide|阿達玩APP

•Airfield Chase

•Smuggler's Plane

•Market Mayhem

•Golden Beachball


•Pig Bang

•Cold Cuts

•Fry Me to the Moon


•Red Planet

•Pig Dipper

•Cosmic Crystals


•Danger Zone

*Star Wars*


•Death Star


•Cloud City

•Moon of Endor

•Boba Fett Missions

•Path of the Jedi


*Star Wars II*


•Escape to Tatooine

•Reward Chapter


*Bad Piggies*

•Rise and Swine

•Flight in the Night

•When Pigs Fly

•Road Hogs

With so much information in this application, it does take about 30 seconds to open the app the first time so be patient.


免費書籍App|Complete Angry Birds Guide|阿達玩APP

This application is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Rovio Entertainment Ltd, nor have they been reviewed, tested or certified by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. This application is to be used as a reference and as such does not modify the game in any way.

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免費書籍App|Complete Angry Birds Guide|阿達玩APP

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