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免費書籍App|Coldfusion Documentation|阿達玩APP

Android Coldfusion documentation application for Coldfusion developer. This one is my third android application for my Android developer life and enhance more features which not included in my later applications.

In this Coldfusion documentation application, you can search functions and tags of Coldfusion and view all lists of functions and tags either. Likewise, functions and tags which you search are not in this documentation, you can search similar functions and tags of CF.

Honestly, CF documentation data are belong to Adobe. On the other hand, I got SQLite data of CF documentation from CF Docs air application. My application is free of charges for CF developer that's why I hope CF Docs air application will allow me to use this data. For endless list features, I get it from cwac-endless coding of commonsguy.

Developer : Pyae Phyoe Shein

免費書籍App|Coldfusion Documentation|阿達玩APP

Logo design : Thura Phyo Wai

免費書籍App|Coldfusion Documentation|阿達玩APP

SQLite Data : Brian Love

免費書籍App|Coldfusion Documentation|阿達玩APP

免費書籍App|Coldfusion Documentation|阿達玩APP

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