Citycam Toronto|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Citycam Toronto|阿達玩APP

Citycam World is the first series of apps that allows you to travel to the most important world cities without moving!

Every application features a brief description of the city and a set of real time webcams, that will show you the best places and monuments.

免費旅遊App|Citycam Toronto|阿達玩APP

Citycam Toronto will show you many famous roads and places of the city.

The application uses Live Tile notifications to display directly on your home screen the updates from the webcams!

免費旅遊App|Citycam Toronto|阿達玩APP

The trial version displays advertising in the main page and in the webcam detail.

免費旅遊App|Citycam Toronto|阿達玩APP

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