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免費旅遊App|CityBike Vilnius|阿達玩APP

There’s no better way to tour Vilnius than on an “Orange bike”. And there’s no better app for Orange bikers than CityBike Vilnius, which offers a basketful of great features. Want to manage your biking experience with smooth efficiency?

免費旅遊App|CityBike Vilnius|阿達玩APP

CityBike helps you to:

- Find the closest docking station

免費旅遊App|CityBike Vilnius|阿達玩APP

- See how many bikes or slots are available

- Monitor your time limit

免費旅遊App|CityBike Vilnius|阿達玩APP

Vilnius, a cosy and green city, is a ton of fun to tour on two wheels. So grab your Orange bike, download CityBike Vilnius and enjoy!

免費旅遊App|CityBike Vilnius|阿達玩APP

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