Cinemania is an interactive test on the global film industry.

You can work with the application in two modes: you can test your knowledge about movies or select at random the movie for you to watch it in the evening.

Movies given in the application as well as movies available for updating are good quality film, worthy of respect and having great success around the world.

There are 30 movies in a basic version of the application. If you pass the test about movies successfully, you will be able to download the base with much more movies.

Raising your level of knowledge about movies you can become a real professional in this area and your application will have more than 1400 movies, but believe me it won't be easy. Logic, luck and deduction will help you.

If you're tired of checking your knowledge, you can easily choose a film that you have not seen yet, use the "Watch at night", which randomly offers you a movie from the existing database.

After watching it, your professionalism in knowing movie industry will be successfully upgraded.


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