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免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

*** Chanakya Neeti In HINDI and ENGLISH ***

Chanakya is the only personality who has been accepted as a genius both by Indian and Western scholars. Let's know why ? The ideas in CHANAKYA NEETI, will let you know. Chanakya Neeti is a blend of practical wisdom with spirituality. It will inspire as well as guide you to follow the path of truth.

免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

Features of This app :

a) Around 250 quotes of Chanakya in English as well as In Hindi Language.

b) Chanakya Hidden Story and His Biography

c) You can share quotes on social sites like Facebook.

免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

d) You can message quotes to others.

Update :

a) 50 more quotes added

免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

b) Copy quotes features added.

Update :

a) UI Changed to make it more attractive.

免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

b) Added transition effect while loading and closing page.

c) 50 best Sanskrit Shloka by Chanakya Neeti With meaning.

d) Now share quotes in both language(eng and Hindi)

e) User can now listen quotes (only in English)

免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

Note - more quotes and other features coming soon in next version.

免費書籍App|Chanakya Neeti|阿達玩APP

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