Chalkboard Bounce *Alpha*|免費玩休閒App


免費休閒App|Chalkboard Bounce *Alpha*|阿達玩APP

A unique puzzler with a colorful chalkboard theme. Players must bounce the ball of walls and other objects to get to the goal. Meanwhile, they must avoid other objects and consider the laws of physics in this fun game. There are a bunch of different items that the player must use to win each level including: Spinning Wheels, Wormholes, Blackholes, Moving blocks and more...

**Currently in alpha, in other words this is a test to get feedback. Please do not leave a negative review if the first 7 levels seems too easy, or there is a bug. The game will have many more levels in the future which will be harder and have other different items. If you want to report a bug, please email us and do not post a negative review!**

免費休閒App|Chalkboard Bounce *Alpha*|阿達玩APP

免費休閒App|Chalkboard Bounce *Alpha*|阿達玩APP

免費休閒App|Chalkboard Bounce *Alpha*|阿達玩APP

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Chalkboard Bounce *Alpha*玩免錢App

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