Note: You can try our free trail of the paid app before you buy. Unlike the paid version, the trial is a first 3-minute-clip from the 20 minutes of the whole Chakra Opening recording.

1. Introduction


Chakra Power- The key Ingredient In All Spiritual Development!

Chakra Stimulation is an ancient art used by Practitioners of Yoga and Meditation experts to heighten spiritual awareness. Spiritual energy is the core of every ability you possess, and Chakras are the factories of this spiritual energy. In several ways, the Chakras are the most important thing to develop.


The human nervous system is a network connecting the sensory organs to the brain. The Chakras, or energy centers, act as a "pump" which direct spiritual energy through this system. For example, Earth energy is drawn up through your Root Chakra and passed to the Sacral Chakra which is then passed to the Solar Plexus, then the heart, then throat, brow, and finally the crown. Once energy reaches beyond the crown, experiences and sensations move to realms beyond explanation. The Chakra system is considered by many to be the most important system to work on. It is a base on which most other development is built.

Our Chakra Opening Brainwave starts at the Root Chakra frequency and goes through all 7 Chakras and finishes at the crown.


2. How Does It Work?

The Chakra Stimulating system stimulates each of the seven Chakras with different frequency ranges and predetermined base frequencies. It has been reported to be extremely effective by users worldwide! The minds of yogis undergoing deep spiritual progression have been studied for years, and now by integrating our system into what we know of their brain patterns, we are able to give you the tools to reproduce their experiences!


***The recording in Chakra Opening Brainwave (a 20-minute session) is valued at $20 on The Unexplainable Store.

-- Starts at the Root Chakra frequency and goes through all 7 Chakras and finishes at the crown.


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