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免費書籍App|Catholic Appologia LTE|阿達玩APP

In this LTE version find quick reference to Bible verses supporting Catholic beliefs. Become an instant Catholic Apologetics expert with the swipe of a finger. Be part of the New Evangelization to which all Catholics are called. Defend your Catholic faith with quick one touch reference to hundreds of Bible verses that support your Catholic beliefs. One of the app developers is a practicing Catholic who was a former Evangelical Christian and who understands the type of questions Protestant Christians may ask Catholics in an attempt to show that the Catholic faith is false. Stand firm in your faith and quickly answer such questions with the swipe of a finger in this INSTANT APOLOGETICS app. Catholic answers from scripture in an instant. Discover why the Catholic Faith is firmly rooted in scripture.

免費書籍App|Catholic Appologia LTE|阿達玩APP

免費書籍App|Catholic Appologia LTE|阿達玩APP

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