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免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

Complete Gym Workouts

Your heart has been working since the second you were born, and will be working hard until the day you die. So, the least we can do is give your heart an easier job to do by strengthening it!

免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

If you don’t care about your heart, at least do cardio for the psychological benefits! Once your endorphins get released in your brain, you might not be so stressed out or depressed for the rest of the day! “Runner’s high” is real, and it is the cheapest/most legal high I think a person can achieve in this day and age. So let’s all get really REALLY high and live a happier and healthy life starting RIGHT NOW!

Here our application will provide you all the cardio workouts, which will be very helpful in your day to day life. As most of the cardio workouts are done with machines, we have provided all the workouts related to machines.

免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

The application consists of following categories:

免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

* Climb

* Cycle

* Elliptical

免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

* Row

* Ski

* Step

免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

* Treadmill

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免費健康App|Cardio Workouts|阿達玩APP

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