Canopy Radio|免費玩音樂App


免費音樂App|Canopy Radio|阿達玩APP

Canopy Radio is the official online radio service of Congress WBN, streaming live on the Internet to our global, borderless communities. The content available on Canopy Radio comes from leaders, musicians, members and various sectors of our Congress and reflects the life, diversity and values behind our global initiatives.

- Congress News

- Live worship and other music from around Congress WBN

免費音樂App|Canopy Radio|阿達玩APP

- Recorded messages and teaching sessions

- Special features and event coverage

免費音樂App|Canopy Radio|阿達玩APP

- Teaching from Congress leaders

The Canopy Radio mobile app gives you access to the Canopy Radio broadcast, as well as real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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