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免費攝影App|Candy Frames|阿達玩APP

You like to take pictures? Want to make your pictures even more attractive and add some spark and originality? Do you want to keep memories of your childhood? Then we’ve got the app just for you!

Candy Frames app for kids and adults will help you turn your photos into happy memories. It simply frames your life moments magically and exceptionally and let you share them with your family and friends this way. Just take the picture and some special tasty and sweet effects! It’s so simple!

HOW TO USE: select a photo of you, your friends or family members and add nice tasty frames from our collection!

免費攝影App|Candy Frames|阿達玩APP

Photo Frames For Kids Features:

- easy to use: your tasty photo composition in 2 steps!

- wide range of styles and different frames for any picture

免費攝影App|Candy Frames|阿達玩APP

- select a photo from the gallery or capture directly photo from the camera

Create original and unique photo gallery right inside your phone with Candy Frames!

免費攝影App|Candy Frames|阿達玩APP

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