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免費旅遊App|Canada: Wild Food|阿達玩APP

A repository of wild edible plants for natural food lovers. Current categories are Berries, Mushrooms and Plants

Update 2014-02-04

*Fixed a bug that hid images after the second time that the app is loaded

免費旅遊App|Canada: Wild Food|阿達玩APP

Update 2014-01-12

*All images are now included in the app. A data connection is no longer required to view the photos of the berries, mushrooms and plants.

*Support added for 720p devices

*Minor corrections were made to reduce markup errors in the Information and Warnings text

*Information and Warning text wrap to the width of the screen

免費旅遊App|Canada: Wild Food|阿達玩APP

*Starred and Mapped functionality has been removed for this release to reduce bugs. These features will be reintroduced and improved upon in a future release.

Update 2012-10-21

*Added 139 new food items

*Fixed a bug with the live tile

免費旅遊App|Canada: Wild Food|阿達玩APP

*Updated the About message

*Fixed a memory bug on low memory devices

免費旅遊App|Canada: Wild Food|阿達玩APP

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