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免費攝影App|Camera Magic Effects|阿達玩APP

Camera Magic Effects is the best camera application for Android phones. You can take great photos and add cool effects in real-time. It can save your photos with the best quality. Also, you can apply effects to your photo after taking it. Share your photos through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email or any other application.

Features :

* Many types of effects in real-time are available: Sepia, Negative, Grayscale, etc.

* Setting different options to apply effects to your photos:

- Scene mode: Snow, Sunset, Party, Night and Automatic.

免費攝影App|Camera Magic Effects|阿達玩APP

- White balance: Incandescent, Daylight, Flourescent, Cloudy and Automatic

- Flash mode: On, Off or Automatic.

* You can use your front camera or back camera.

免費攝影App|Camera Magic Effects|阿達玩APP

After taking a photo, you can also apply more effects like: Negative, Gray scale image, Neon, Mirror, Bump, Light, Oil Paint, Snow, Noise, Sepia, Marble, Engrave, Emboss, etc.

- Share your photos with your favorites apps.

Camera Magic Effects has a intuitive interface that is very easy to use.

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