Build.prop Fix|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Build.prop Fix|阿達玩APP

This is a build.prop editor for Android root users. With this app you can edit, add and view any prop file.

This app is also available in ROM Toolbox. ROM Toolbox adds a bunch of other features as well. Check it out on the market!

Build properties control how your system runs. You can change your LCD density, decrease your call ring delay, save battery by increasing your wifi scan interval and more.

免費個人化App|Build.prop Fix|阿達玩APP

For common build.prop tweaks slide the screen to the right or click the home icon in the action bar.

To learn more about a build property click on the icon next to the name. If there is no information for the given build property a question mark will be displayed instead of an information symbol.

Remember to keep a backup of your current build.prop. Changing build properties can potentially harm or soft brick your device.

Root and busybox are required for this app to work correctly

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Build.prop Fix APP玩不用錢

Build.prop Fix玩免錢App

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Build.prop Fix 個人化 LOGO-阿達玩APP

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Build.prop Fix 個人化 QRCode-阿達玩APP
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