Black Cocktail|免費玩生活App


免費生活App|Black Cocktail|阿達玩APP

Features of this application is beautifully represented drink recipes with step by step guides and is packed with features you’ll love whether you’re a novice bartender or a professional mixologist.Cocktail App unites a large cocktail database with a famous cocktails.Its also Include several soft drink recipes for women.


免費生活App|Black Cocktail|阿達玩APP

- Languages: English

- Support of US and metric unit system

- List of about more then 200 recipes

免費生活App|Black Cocktail|阿達玩APP

- Filter recipes by taste, base , color , making time, glass and other

- Search for recipe names and ingredients

- Rating of cocktails

免費生活App|Black Cocktail|阿達玩APP

- Add to favorite cocktails

- Manage history of visited cocktails

- Include USA and UK famous cocktails.

免費生活App|Black Cocktail|阿達玩APP

- List of more than 200 ingredients

- Interactive UI

免費生活App|Black Cocktail|阿達玩APP

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