Big Bang Poda Whip|免費玩娛樂App


免費娛樂App|Big Bang Poda Whip|阿達玩APP

Free Big Bang Poda Whip sound effect, without ads and permissions. The Poda Whip sound create the lndian style whip effect.

Use your android device as ultimate Indian slang whip of fun and play with your new sound effect assistant!

Inspired from the The Big Bang theory's Raj Koothrappali "Whip" app, this app adds a local flavor to it . 'Poda' is a Tamil word to say "Go away or get lost" This is a good entertaining app to lighten the mood or occasionally steer away the irritating fellows . :P


免費娛樂App|Big Bang Poda Whip|阿達玩APP

Take your phone and move it like a whip or tap and you will hear a Tamil Poda Whip sound.

Big Bang Poda Whip APP玩不用錢

Big Bang Poda Whip玩免錢App

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