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免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP

Bible Pronto PRO is the BEST offline bible app that provides unique reading experience with a beautiful windows phone interface. You can download multiple bible versions and reading plans for offline reading. You can even read two bible versions at the same time with the intuitive parallel reading mode. Bible data is cached locally so you can read it even if you do not have an active connection. Read scriptures from anywhere, anytime at your pace. KJV & ASV comes standard and you can download many other free translations in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Arabic.

Complete list of available bible versions can be found here

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP



* NEW: Verse highlight now changes the background color instead of font color

* FIX: Version download issue fixed.

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP

* FIX: Reading plan partial readings fixed.

Full version history can be found here

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP


* Parallel Reading Mode, You can read 2 versions side by side.

* Jump to single version reading mode or parallel model from either screens.

* Book name selection now shows chapter counts

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP

* Offline Bible Reading Plan feature

* Advance Search Options with Grouped Search Results

* Pin Verse with LIVE TILE support

* Pin Plans (All LIVE TILE sizes (Large, Medium, Small)

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP

* Settings (Sky Drive Backup/Restore and font sizes)

* Notes (Add/Edit/Delete/List)

* Bookmarks (Add/Delete/List)

* Highlight (Add/Remove)

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP

* Copy Paste Verses in Reading mode and in Reading Plans

* Share Verse (Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter)

This is the Ad Free version of the Bible Pronto App. All the other features are same as of the free app. Please send your feedback and suggestions to

免費書籍App|Bible Pronto Pro|阿達玩APP

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