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免費社交App|Bible Plan|阿達玩APP

Bible Plan 幫您記錄聖經閱讀進度,加上最新潮的社交網絡功能:Facebook, 微博,騰訊,Twitter;是不可少的好用工具。

除了記錄進度外, 你還可以藉著伺服器看到其他人累積的閱讀進度。齊新舊約66卷書, 有16個釋本, 3個語言的介面可供選擇。也提供了7個獨立的閱讀記錄表, 方便您記錄除了個人進度, 也包括小組進度和崇拜講道記錄。,


BiblePlan 有Free 和Deluxe 版。兩者的分別暫時只是Deluxe移除了廣告。這個免費模式讓更多人不用付費就能用到這優質軟件,也是我們心志之一。

Bible Plan help you in recording your reading progress of the Bible, while empowered by a wide range of Social Network Function: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, and Tencent Weibo. This is definitely a tools you can't miss.

Other than recording the progress, you can read the accumulative progress figure of the others using this app. This apps fully support OLD TESTAMENTS and NEW TESTAMENTS (66 Books), with 16 common translations, and 3 language interface. It also support 7 individual progress records, for the convenience of not only recording personal reading schedule, but also your study group, fellowship, as well as Sunday service.

You can use the well-defined social network function to leave message, and share with your friends about your progress, so have peer-encouragement!

Bible Plan has two versions: free and deluxe. Currently the difference between the two is only on advertisement removed. This free mode of the app enable more people get the high-quality app free of charge. It is also a part of what we want to achieve.

免費社交App|Bible Plan|阿達玩APP

免費社交App|Bible Plan|阿達玩APP

免費社交App|Bible Plan|阿達玩APP

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