Bambini Scrabble|免費玩生活App


免費生活App|Bambini Scrabble|阿達玩APP

Welcome to Kids Word Scrabble, a perfect Italian word spelling, learning and testing tool. Word list include words right from grade I to Grade X. Every grade has multiple levels.

Application features:

免費生活App|Bambini Scrabble|阿達玩APP

- Application includes standard word-list of every grade.

- Hint to get help in solving difficult words spelling.

- Word pronunciation on completion.

免費生活App|Bambini Scrabble|阿達玩APP

- First level of every grade is free. To play further make one time in-app purchase to unlock all grades & all levels.

- Italian word spell learning tool for kids of all ages.

免費生活App|Bambini Scrabble|阿達玩APP

Learn with FUN

免費生活App|Bambini Scrabble|阿達玩APP

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