Probably everybody has sometimes wondered what their future children will look like, and this is especially true during the exciting time of pregnancy. Regardless if you are pregnant or not, you will hopefully find this app both amusing and useful. Thanks to Baby Predict you do not have to rely on random ancient astronomical predictions anymore!

You can now make accurate scientific predictions of the eyecolor, haircolor, birth weight and even obesity risk of your future baby. With even more predictions coming in the near future.

Some of the formulas even give as accurate results as an pregnancy ultrasound, using the latest field-tested and repeatedly proven statistical equations in genetics and pregnancy science.

In a simple no-nonsense way, the app guides you through the different steps to get predictions about things like:

Baby Eye Color


What are the chances of you and your partner getting kids with blue, brown or green eyes? Using precise statistical models this app provides the answer for that.

Baby Hair Color

Scientists have still not a full picture of the genetics of human hair, but we can still make accurate enough predictions just by looking at the hair color of you, your mate and your parents. Black, brown, blonde, red or strawberry blonde... what are the chances for your baby?

Birth weight

We use a formula which has proven its usefulness on hundreds of women. It can be used anytime during the third trimester (last three months of pregnancy). The equation predicts within an average of 8% of actual birthweight. During field testing; for 87% of the births, weight was predicted within 15% of the actual weight, which is very accurate since even ultrasound is estimated to predict within 8-15% of true birthweight!

Child Obesity risk


Are you aware of the fact that only one in 10 cases of obesity is the result of a rare genetic mutation? That's one of the reasons why researchers set out to determine which environmental factors played the largest roles in the development of childhood obesity. The ongoing study has followed thousands of children since the eighties and researchers have used the data to create an amazingly accurate formula that predicts the risk of children developing obesity during childhood. This app provides parents with a valuable, easy to use tool for risk prediction based on a small number of commonly known factors and get an instant risk percentage for your kid. Child obesity is a growing health problem all over the globe, so this type of research is becoming increasingly important.

Supports several different measurement units, and has built-in BMI calculation:

-Metric/International (kilogram, centimeter)

-Imperial US (pounds, feet/inches)

-Imperial UK (stones/pounds, feet/inches)

Future version of the app will include even more predictions, so what are you waiting for: start predicting today, instead of guessing! :)


Please be aware of the fact that this app provides predictions based on statistical models. In real life even something with a 1% chance may happen ten times in a row...

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