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Azizah is the world’s window to the Muslim American woman. The first magazine of its kind, Azizah was launched in October 2000; we are now celebrating the wonderful milestone of our 12th year anniversary.

The Azizah team is grateful and pleased to be sharing the powerful stories and rich images of Muslim women in North America with the world. In doing so, we counter the many negative portrayals, the one-dimensional stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslim women commonly held, both within the Muslim community and beyond.

The Azizah team was thrilled to receive the 2009 New America Media Award for Environmental Journalism and to be named a finalist for the 2010 FOLIO Eddie Award in the Religion and Spirituality category.

Azizah enables the Muslim woman to define her own agenda; it serves as a vehicle for her voice and as a catalyst her empowerment. The Azizah woman makes no apology for being a woman and no apology for being a Muslim. She’s inspired and inspirational. Catch the spirit of the Azizah woman.

免費生活App|Aziz Magizine|阿達玩APP

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