Attack on Titan Watchface|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Attack on Titan Watchface|阿達玩APP

What is this girl pondering about? Life? Love? Family? Maybe the monsters that decimated her hometown? No one knows... but we do know that she knows what time it is. Made specifically for Android Wear devices, this watch face features gorgeous pixel art work from our pixel artisan. Stare at her while she pays no attention to you and stares off in an entirely different direction.


* Retro style animation (PREMIUM ONLY)

* Color tinting (PREMIUM ONLY)

免費個人化App|Attack on Titan Watchface|阿達玩APP

* Battery display

* Digital Time display


Install the app to the device (phone) that you have connected to your Android Wear device. Once installed, just long press on the watch face on your Wear device, then scroll over to select "Attack on Titan Watchface" as your active watch face.

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