Atlanta Basketball Alarm|免費玩運動App


免費運動App|Atlanta Basketball Alarm|阿達玩APP

Do you watch every match which Atlanta Hawks play? Never miss them in action. This app will remind you when they play!

This is the best app for all the latest news, transfer rumours, fixtures, results, live scores, and more straight to your phone. A must have for all Atlanta Hawks fans!

免費運動App|Atlanta Basketball Alarm|阿達玩APP


* Never miss your team in action.

* This app reminds you when the match starts

* Get all the latest news about your team

* Countdown timer shows you the time left for the match to begin

* See how your team is doing via standings table

* No mental gymnastics required. It shows the match time in your local timezone

* Get live match updates via twitter

* Share it via Facebook, Twitter or any social network

免費運動App|Atlanta Basketball Alarm|阿達玩APP

Difference between the PRO and Free version:

• Pro version doesn't have ads

免費運動App|Atlanta Basketball Alarm|阿達玩APP

• It has a settings panel to turn off the audio

免費運動App|Atlanta Basketball Alarm|阿達玩APP

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Atlanta Basketball Alarm玩免錢App

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