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Angel SoftPhone has come up with " SIP Client for Android (Voip)" for android based Mobile phones. Android VOIP Mobile Softphone lets the callers make VoIP calls through their standard Mobile phones. It works just like standard SIP app for Android i.e. it gets registered on the SIP server and then let the authentic caller makes calls. The biggest advantage that this Android voip provides is the huge base of potential customers who can now make calls using their standard mobile phones. The mobile phones need to be connected to the internet either through GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi/3G.


* SIP protocol support

* Making and receiving calls

免費通訊App|Angel Softphone|阿達玩APP

* Codecs supported:G729,g711,GSM,g722

* Phone Book (Synchronize with Phone Address Book)

* Call Log

* Call Status Indicator

免費通訊App|Angel Softphone|阿達玩APP

* Save / Edit Username & Password

* Work with all standard SIP SoftSwitches

* Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2,2.x,3.0,3.x,4.x

* Silence Suppression

免費通訊App|Angel Softphone|阿達玩APP

* Echo Cancellation

* Registration Timeout

免費通訊App|Angel Softphone|阿達玩APP

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