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免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

Play 10 FREE casino games such as: Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Video Poker, Video Keno, and much more. Each game following the same rules as in land based casinos. Improve your gambling skills without losing any money!

FREE MEANS FREE. You can reset your bankroll whenever you want. You have an unlimited supply of chips. NO IN-APP CHIP PURCHASE REQUIRED in All Mobile Casino.

Play online* or offline. With online play do you have the luck to get your name on the leaderboard at


♠ Baccarat

♥ Blackjack

♣ Caribbean Stud Poker

♦ Let it Ride

♠ Single Deck Blackjack

♥ Tequila Poker

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

♣ Three Card Poker

♦ Video Poker, 6 variations: Aces and Eights, Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Tens or Better

♠ Slots

♥ Video Keno


♠ Full history display in Baccarat: bead road, big road, big eye road, etc...

♦ Play up to three hands and with up to three splits per hand in Blackjack.

♣ One click quick play by pinning the game to Start.

♥ Share screenshots of your games with your friends on social networks.

♠ Online leaderboard at

♦ Player statistics.

♣ Extensive offline help for each game.

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

♥ Nothing to unlock.

♠ Nothing to purchase.

♦ More games coming soon...


* Online play requires registration. Registration is free, takes less than 1 minute to complete and will give you access to all games.



WHAT'S NEW IN 1.53.0

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

♠ Minor bug fixes.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.52.0

♠ Added Tequila Poker.

♣ Minor bug fixes.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.51.0

♠ Fixed Blackjack continue game bug.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.50.0

♠ Added in-app purchase of coins option for online play. Play like a high roller and reach the top of the online leaderboard faster.

♣ Added $25 credit value for video poker and video keno.

♦ Minor bug fixes.

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.41.0

♠ Added Double Bonus video poker.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.40.0

♠ Added Caribbean Poker (AKA Caribbean Stud Poker).

♦ Minor bug fixes.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.39.0

♠ Minor bug fixes.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.38.0

♠ Added Aces and Eights video poker.

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

♦ Minor bug fixes.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.36.0

♥ Fixed Let Them Ride payout bug.

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.35.0

♥ Added Let Them Ride, also know as Let It Ride.

♣ Minor bug fixes.


♥ Added Fruit Mania Slot Machine.

♦ Added Single Deck Blackjack.

♠ Added $10 and $25 machine values to Video Poker and Video Keno.

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

♣ Minor bug fixes.

免費棋類遊戲App|All Mobile Casino|阿達玩APP

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