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免費生產應用App|AVR Delay|阿達玩APP

Have you ever wanted to write efficient assembly programs for your AVR projects, and got stuck while writing a delay routine with complex loops involving tons of calculations to write them?

Well, you need not work hard anymore, 'coz it's just got a click away!

Here arrives the only app in Play Store that actually computes and renders the assembly language delay routine for very commonly used, AVR microcontrollers for hobbyists.

This provides you with support for:-

Large value of delay routines

免費生產應用App|AVR Delay|阿達玩APP

5 units of time for delay calculation (microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours)

免費生產應用App|AVR Delay|阿達玩APP

8 processor frequencies (1 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz, 10 MHz, 12 MHz, 16 MHz, 20 MHz)

免費生產應用App|AVR Delay|阿達玩APP

Call-return wasted cycles overload value

免費生產應用App|AVR Delay|阿達玩APP

Calculation on the basis of time as well as cycles of delay (optional)

Just copy-paste the code generated in AVR studio or compile the code with WinAVR and it works!

Note: Overhead means, the number of processor cycles wasted while calling the routine and returning from the call and also other extra instructions required while calling the routine like pushing and popping the registers. Using that field is optional.

免費生產應用App|AVR Delay|阿達玩APP

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