AIS Bookstore|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|AIS Bookstore|阿達玩APP

Welcome to "AIS Bookstore by Ookbee", Thailand's Biggest digital bookstore.

In this application you will find books and magazines from leading publishers including Praew, GM, Secret, T3, Baan Lae Suan, IMAGE, Seventeen, Golf Digest and more. New publications are added everyday in every subject you interest such as Entertainment, Politics, Travel, Women, Men, News, etc.

免費書籍App|AIS Bookstore|阿達玩APP


- Buy single issues or Subscribe yearly to enjoy big discount

- Many free books and magazines inside

- Support "Ookbee account" all your publications will always available to you on multiple devices and platforms

免費書籍App|AIS Bookstore|阿達玩APP

Release notes:

- Add feature remove and restore

- Update book and magazine shelve

免費書籍App|AIS Bookstore|阿達玩APP

- Update download and refresh data

免費書籍App|AIS Bookstore|阿達玩APP

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