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4x4 Buddy gives you the ability to use your phone to work out the pitch and roll of your vehicle, giving you a visual indicator AND a value in degrees.

DISCLAIMER: The values given by your phone arent 100% accurate, so you should not rely solely on them, they can vary depending on your phones hardware, and the innacuracy of the calculations themselves. You cannot assume that the measurements are 100% accurate in this application. IF you rely on the values of this application you do so at your own risk.


Mount your phone into a fixed position in your vehicle, preferably so that it is straight compared to the orientation of the vehicle (ie. if you put your phone flat the sides of the phone are parallel to the cars sides, and the top and bottom are parallel to your front and back bumber), not being 100% straight is fine, but keep in mind this lowers the accuracy of the readings. When your phone is securely mounted hit the "zero" button to set your default orientation. Do this when your vehicle is standing on a completely flat surface (you can find an area that is close to being flat by resting your phone on the surface [un-zero'd] and checking that the readings are close to zero), mounting while on a sloped surface will make the readings less accurate.

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