2nd Fireworks|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|2nd Fireworks|阿達玩APP

Live Wallpaper immersive beautiful fireworks rises out at random.

One type of fireworks will be when you tap the top right of the screen.

This is not a video.

The sound of fireworks.

Sound of fireworks will appear when you tap the top left of the screen from the time you turned on the Sound in the configuration. Determined by the "volume of the media" volume. The start-up again to stop the sound from the screen once to erase. Does not sound until you tap the top left then.

In the "Mix", a variety of fireworks will increase out at random. Other








Fireworks will change each time you tap.

(It changes, after the fireworks have been set up and out.)

※ AndroidOS2.1 or more

[How to set up]

Wallpaper> Live Wallpaper (Menu)>2nd Fireworks

※ may be in error by the balance between the app memory. In that case, restart your terminal, thank you to reconfigure.

※ If by the update, not working properly, will be improved by after the uninstall is recommended to re-install.

※ If there is a case of OS2.1, in the state have set the wallpaper, when the update, the screen becomes black. After setting the wallpaper other live, can get re-set, will be improved. Here is the specification of the OS, has been improved in OS2.2

免費個人化App|2nd Fireworks|阿達玩APP

免費個人化App|2nd Fireworks|阿達玩APP

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