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免費生產應用App|15 Minute Timer|阿達玩APP

15 Minute Timer - Starts a 15 minute timer with one click. Nothing more, nothing less.

Need to time something for 15 minutes? Need to time things for 15 minutes somewhat often? Then this is your app.

Great for timing:


Cardio Exercise Reps

免費生產應用App|15 Minute Timer|阿達玩APP

Kids Activities

Taking turns

No opening the app, making sure you're on timer instead of stopwatch, no fumbling around to set the desired time...just click '15 Minute Timer' and you're ready to time.

Only options are to Cancel or Restart timer, it will beep with a predefined beep 4 times when times up.

If you browse away from the timer while it's still running, bringing it back up will show you how much time you have left.

If you browse away from the app and it finishes, bringing it back up will start the timer again.

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